Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Competency 5: Books in Print

For this set of competencies I am going to be doing more database searching. I decided to come up with a new question.

Question is: I am a young adult librarian trying to come up with innovative ideas for YA programs. What are some current trends in young adult programs?

Initial Facets: Trends, Young Adult, Programs

Trends: movements(?)
Young Adult: Teenager, Youth
Program: Activity

Where is the thesaurus? I couldn't find a thesaurus for BIP. Then, I snooped some other blogs of my fellow classmates and noticed a tip on Rachel's blog. She suggests:
Under the browse feature of the Books in Print home page, I found that you can find subject headings by clicking on subjects and then typing in the search term.

That was a little beneficial, but not much. I still ended up with the same terms for the most part.

Trends: X
YA: Young Adults' libraries, Young Adults
Programs: X

Ss1:(trend) AND (young adult* OR Young Adults' libraries OR Youth) AND (Programs)(All in Subject Field)

Results: 0

Ss2: (trend) AND (young adult) AND (Program)(All in Subject Field)

Results: 0

Ss3: (young adult) AND (Program)(All in Subject Field)

Results: 4

Out of the 4 hits, 2 were most pertinent and 3 would work. I'm disappointing in this search because I know there is probably something that I am missing that is making the results not as promising as I would like. Or, is it just that some databases have such a limited controlled vocabulary due to their subject that the best way to get results is to keep it as brief and straight forward as possible? Also, I did not see a citation option? Not sure; Will find out. Here are the two results I would be able to use:

Library Programs for Teens: Mystery Theater
Author: Karen Siwak
Publication Date: June 2010 (Confirmed)
Publisher: Scarecrow Press, Incorporated

What a Novel Idea!: Projects and Activities for Young Adult Literature
Author:Katherine Wiesolek Kuta
Publication Date:September 1997
Publisher:Libraries Unlimited, Incorporated

Final Thoughts:
Maybe my question would be more suitable answered in an article versus a book?

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