Thursday, February 11, 2010

Competency 4: ERIC

As a young adult librarian I would be responsible for putting programs together for the community's youth. Not all of those programs are going to relate to reading. For that reason I wold like to explore a question that can relate to future programs to be run that would engage the young adult community.

Question: I want to get young adults interested in yoga as a means of relaxation and exercise that can be fun at the same time. Any articles on how to do this?

My facets are going to be: yoga, young adult, exercise, and fun.

Initial terms:
Yoga: X
Young Adult: Youth, Adolescent, Teenager
Exercise: X
Fun: Fulfillment, Enjoyment, enjoyable, enrichment, recreation

Now, I'm going to take my brainstorming to the ERIC Database:

Here are the thesaurus suggestions that ERC has provided:
Yoga: X
Young Adult: Young Adults, Adolescent Development, Youth Programs
Exercise: Athletics, Physical Activities, Physical Fitness, Health, Health Behavior
Fun: Leisure, Recreation, Recreational Activities, Therapeutic Recreation

The additional journals I chose to search were: Medline and ArticleFirst

Now, to search:

Ss1: (Yoga) AND (Adolescent OR young adults OR teen*) AND (Exercise OR health OR health behavior) (All in Subject Field)

Results: 18

There were 18 results and they were all from Medline. None as specific as I'd like because they don't relate directly to young adults. But, here are a few that would work:

Lee SW, Mancuso CA, & Charlson ME. (2004). Prospective study of new participants in a community-based mind-body training program. Journal of General Internal Medicine. 19(7), 760-5.

Larun L, Nordheim LV, Ekeland E, Hagen KB, & Heian F. (2006). Exercise in prevention and treatment of anxiety and depression among children and young people. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (Online). 3, CD004691.

Ss2: (Yoga) AND (Adolescent OR young adults OR teen*) (All in Subject Field)

This time I received more hits, but none specifically relating to young adults, yoga, and recreation. But, there were some sorted articles to relate to YA's and children with specific needs.

Results: 113

Yadav RK, & Das S. (2001). Effect of yogic practice on pulmonary functions in young females. Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology. 45(4), 493-6.

Raghuraj P, & Telles S. (1997). Muscle power, dexterity skill and visual perception in community home girls trained in yoga or sports and in regular school girls. Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology. 41(4), 409-15.

Uma K, Nagendra HR, Nagarathna R, Vaidehi S, & Seethalakshmi R. (1989). The integrated approach of yoga: a therapeutic tool for mentally retarded children: a one-year controlled study. Journal of Mental Deficiency Research. 33, 415-21.

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