Monday, February 8, 2010

Competency 3: Podcast

My next blog assignment is to find a podcast that is appropriate to my library science interests. My interests are heavily based in the public library sector, and it would be nice if that concentration could be in youth services.

For this assignment I was presented with a challenge. I wanted to find something that would be of interest to me, fellow library and information science enthusiasts, and book lovers in general.

After much searching, I stumbled upon a blog while I was using the tool The podcast is entitled Literary Tastes: How to Form Them. My mission is to go back to the basics of what initially got me interested in this profession: Books and Literature.

This podcast concentrates on a myriad of subjects from how to enjoy a classic, what makes up a classic, where to begin when tackling a classic, what would one's personal motivations would be to understanding a classic, etc.

When I was in 5th grade I was assigned to read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Though that book would not have been considered young adult, I was completely consumed by it. A good book is recognizable to anyone, not just the age bracket or reading level that book is supposed to cater to. And literature and classics have received that moniker for a reason. Whether it be innovative plot, style, or a good story.

Honestly, the author and orator of this podcast Arnold Bennett, comes off as very dry and in no way provokes enthusiasm into the subject. I would sum up this podcast as a little dry, not the most motivating, yet very informative. I would suggest a light listen to this blog to anyone interested.

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