Thursday, February 11, 2010

Competency 4: WorldCat

As a young adult librarian I would be responsible for putting programs together for the community's youth. Not all of those programs are going to relate to reading. For that reason I wold like to explore a question that can relate to future programs to be run that would engage the young adult community.

Question: I want to get young adults interested in yoga as a means of relaxation and exercise that can be fun at the same time. Any articles on how to do this?

My facets are going to be: yoga, young adult, exercise, and fun.

Initial terms:
Yoga: X
Young Adult: Youth, Adolescent, Teenager
Exercise: X
Fun: Fulfillment, Enjoyment, enjoyable, enrichment, recreation

Now, I'm going to take my brainstorming to the WorldCat Database:

WorldCat's suggested thesaurus terms:
Yoga: yogis, chakras, Hinduism
Young Adult: Youth, young men, young women
Exercise: Physical Fitness, exercises
Fun: Recreation, Leisure, Amusements

The additional databases that I chose were PapersFirst, Medline, and WorldCat

Ss1: (yoga OR yogis OR chakras)AND (young adult* OR youth OR Young Men OR Young Women) AND (recreation or Leisure)(All in Subject Field)

Results: 0

Ss2: (yoga OR yogis OR chakras) AND (young adult* OR youth OR Young Men OR Young Women)(All in Subject Field)

Results: 34
9 results from Medline, and 25 from WorldCat

Finally, I've gotten some great articles!!

Chryssicas, M. K., & Coppola, A. (2007). Breathe: Yoga for teens. New York, N.Y.: DK Pub.

Purperhart, H. (2009). Yoga exercises for teens: Developing a calmer mind and a stronger body. Alameda, CA: Hunter House.

Brock, C. (2003). Yoga 4 teens. [Newport Beach, CA]: Yogaminded.

Kalayil, J. A. (1988). A controlled comparison of progressive relaxation and yoga meditation as methods to relieve stress in middle grade school children. Thesis--Seton Hall University, School of Education (Counseling psychology).


  1. This isn't about your entry, but where did you come across that main picture you use on your blog? It is so creepily awesome.

  2. Thanks, I was researching surrealist photography one night, when I probably should have been studying, and I came across it.