Thursday, March 4, 2010

Competency 5: Tagging/Indexing

Please notice my tag cloud located to the top right of my blog. For this competency we are to chose a book that is relevant to our Library Science area of interest on LibraryThing.

I performed a search on LibraryThing for books that pertained to youth programs in the public library system. I decided upon Teen-Centered Library Service: Putting Youth Participation into Practice.

This book had no tags so I was the first to christen it! I gave it the tags Youth Services and YA Programs.

For the next part of this assignment I went through some of the books in my personal librarything account and chose a favorite, All About Love by Bell Hooks. I added the tags womanism, and love is letting go of fear. Womanism is like feminism, but pertains to all demographs and socio-economic levels, not just a white middle class perspective. Love is letting go of fear is one of my favorite quotes from that book.