Thursday, February 18, 2010

Competency 4: RSS

As stated earlier, I am interested in being a young adult librarian. An issue that often arises in the field I am interested in is the topic of banned books. As you might have assumed, banned books are usually initially targeted towards children and YA before they are deemed unsuitable. For that reason I have subscribed to Fahrenheit 451: Freedom to Read which is a sponsored blog of the Pelham Public Library. The blog also covers issues such as technology in the fields of library and information sciences, what google is up to these days, and snippets about what is going on in the world of literature.

Another blog that interested me was Future Librarians for Intellectual Freedom. My attraction to intellectual freedom along with our First Amendment had a lot to do with getting me interested in this field. Future Librarians for Intellectual Freedom is a blog that is dedicated to issues of censorship, freedom of speech, and social justice (as stated in their profile).

The Librarian Activist blog touches on topics that relate to library organizations and issues such as tolerance, respect, culture, copyright, social justice/responsibilities, along with government to name a few.

The rest of the blogs on my RSS feed are more for personal gratification than the advancement of myself in my field of study. The Vegan Librarian is a fun blog about a children's librarian's life, searching, and vegan food. And the other two are The Modern Blog and Dallas Contemporary Blog, which are both blogs for museums in the DFW that I like to frequent.

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