Saturday, April 3, 2010

exploring DIALOG

DIALOG is a source which provides thousands of different sources and databases full of information to search. The difference is that you the user decide how you want to search and do away with the already constructed user interface that is found in other databases and database sorting tools. I performed two searches on DIALOG before I Finally got the hang of it and realized what a valuable resource it can be.

My naive question for this search is as follows:
I am researching any and all censorship attempts made against picture books or wordless books in school libraries.

Before one gets started with DIALOG they must choose the databases they want to scour. I chose ERIC(B1) and Library and Information Science(B438). Or, I think I chose both? Either way, I entered B1, received the ERIC information, and then B438 in to the command prompt the second time. After my databases were chosen, I was ready to start my searching. I prepared 3 sets of synonyms prior to searching and entered them in accordingly.

ss ban? or censor? or restrict? or forbid? (s4)
ss picture book? or wordless book? (s7)
ss librar? (s9)

I then combined the three by entering:
s4 and s7 and s9
that returned me with 19 results.

Out of the results there were several that I feel answered my inquiry. Here they are:

9/8/19 DIALOG(R)File 1:(c) format only 2010 Dialog. All rts. reserv.
0004496889 ERIC Number: ED196018
Picture Book Sexism: Two Steps Forward and One Step Back?
1978 (19780000)
Descriptors: *Childrens Literature; Content Analysis; Cultural Influences; Elementary Education; *Picture Books; Reading Materials; *Reading Research; *Sex Bias; *Sex Role
Dialog Update Date: 20090918; 02:08:17 EST

9/8/12 DIALOG(R)File 1:(c) format only 2010 Dialog. All rts. reserv.
0008709594 ERIC Number: ED379657
Battling Dragons: Issues and Controversy in Children's Literature.
1995 (19950000)
Descriptors: Adolescent Literature; Black Family; *Censorship; *Childrens Literature; Cultural Context; Elementary Education; Picture Books; *Publishing Industry ; Sex Role
Identifiers: African Americans; *Controversial Materials; *Controversial Topics; Educational Issues; Heroes; Heroines; Politically Correct Communication
Dialog Update Date: 20090921; 01:18:33 EST

After that search I logged out and received the bill! The search cost $6.32.

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