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Repossessed, A Novel

Repossessed: A Novel

Bibliographic Information:

Jenkins, M. (2008). Repossessed: a novel. New York: Harperteen. ISBN: 006083568o.


"Shaun...did something happen today? Anything out of the ordinary?"
Well, Shaun died, but other than that..."Nope, " I told Shaun's mom. "It's just been a normal, regular day."
page 30

Plot Summary:

Kiriel is a full time demon from Hell that is in need of a vacation. He has never experienced mortal life and decides to jump in to the host body of a high school slacker named Shaun. Kiriel's plan is to enjoy the pleasures of life on Earth while paying close attention to experiencing the seven deadly sins and exploring their rumored appeal.

Critical Analysis:

Repossessed: A Novel is a whimsical, comedic narrative told in first person perspective by Kiriel, a fallen angel/demon from Hell. Kiriel decides to take a short hiatus on Earth as a human in order to experience the most primal yet enjoyable of sins. He initially has his eye on indulging in the likes of cookies, losing his host body's virginity, and masturbation, but, Kiriel is a gentle and kindhearted demon that instead chooses to leave a positive mark on the world and possibly save some of the doomed souls on Earth before they end up being lost and tortured in Hell by his hands.

Though this book deals with adult issues such as sexuality it reads more like a junior fiction novel than young adult. For that reason, some young adults that might stumble upon this book will possibly find it to be too pedestrian and juvenile at times. But, if one is looking for a lighthearted comedy with equally lighthearted moral stances, this is the book for them.


“Funny and heartwarming. The demon’s winning mix of cocksureness and inadvertent bungling should resonate with teens.” (Publishers Weekly )

Janet Scherer (VOYA, August 2007 (Vol. 30, No. 3))
Experiencing frustration with his job in Hell, Kiriel takes a much-needed rest in the body of seventeen-year-old Shaun. This fast-paced novel takes place over seven days as Kiriel attempts to experience as much enjoyment as he can with his newfound physical body. He is excited by a cool breeze on his cheek and the sweet taste of ketchup as well as with the usual things a boy finds pleasurable. Because of Kiriel's experience in Hell, witnessing the sins of souls who carry shame, guilt, and sorrow, he decides to change the life trajectory of Shaun's loved ones and classmates. Kiriel gives Shaun's friendless little brother the name of someone he should get to know and plants a seed in Shaun's mother's head about reconciling with her estranged brother. He helps a girl gain confidence in herself and confronts the school bully in hopes of making him realize the pain that he causes others. Jenkins provides a great choice for both girls and boys, reluctant readers, and those looking for a quick, fun read. VOYA CODES: 4Q 3P J S (Better than most, marred only by occasional lapses; Will appeal with pushing; Junior High, defined as grades 7 to 9; Senior High, defined as grades 10 to 12).

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